KARACHI – Using powers delegated by Sindh government, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi has approved recommendations for the betterment of dispensaries and maternity homes in Lyari.

However, this resolution will be under section 80 of the Sindh Local Government Ordinance 1979.

According to resolution, the population of Lyari Town consisting of 11 UCs was about 79,00,000 where six dispensaries and five maternity homes existed for providing facilities to people.

Out of five, four maternity homes were operational while only two providing services for 24 hours with capacity of ten beds and 35 to 40 deliveries were being performed on daily basis.

The improvement measures for Lyari’s medical centers were taken following CM Sindh’s directive and 95 to 100 per cent construction work had been completed and three new ambulances had also been purchased in this regard.

According to memorandum, these maternity homes would be expanded up to 15 beds.

The approval was necessary to carryout the works which included remaining construction, provision of furniture, medical equipment, establishment of test laboratory and purchasing of ambulances.

Besides, immediate appointment of doctors and paramedical staff and referral system of these maternity homes with big hospitals were also essential whereas recommendations for latest equipment for operation, infrastructure for ICU unit and residential facilities for staff were forwarded so that these medical centers in Lyari could provide better services.

Meanwhile, KMC Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan has said that measures for improving financial income in the KDA would be taken. He was holding a meeting with KDA Labor Union CBA Delegation Chairman Maqsood Butt, Vice Chairman Qamarul Zafar Khan, President Aslam Raza Khan, Vice President Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Joint Secretary Qasim Raza, Secretary to Finance Adnan and other officers.

KMC Commissioner said that resolution of the KDA and KMC employees’ issues and provision facility was among priorities

He assured the CBA delegation that best efforts were being made to provide the payment of KDA employees each month.

Metropolitan Commissioner said that resources for income of the KDA should be generated so that its employees had to face no difficulty in receiving their salaries and pensions.