ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court senior most judge Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani has observed that killing of a non-Muslim by a Muslim in the name of religion or any violence in the name of faith is against the teachings of Holy Quran.

Addressing the newly enrolled advocates of the Supreme Court on Thursday, Justice Jaillani asked the lawyers that they must be equally concerned about the rising incidence of violence in the name of faith.

“Recall the day when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) invited a Christian tribe Najran to offer their prayers in Masjid-i-Nabwi because it was evening and their prayer time.

This was the level of tolerance and this was the level of inter-faith harmony in those days. Our conduct should be guided by these inspirational events in Islamic history”, he added.

Justice Jillani also asked the SC lawyers, “We need to send a message of tolerance and peace to the world.

We should show concern to other nations’ and other faiths’ safety and prosperity so that they can be assured that they will not be harmed. They and we live in the same planet. We have mutual benefits and interests.

It behooves us to show them Islam’s beautiful face that is devoid of violence, harshness, contempt and repression. Our faith enjoins us to a gentle discourse and a kind treatment”

He also said that they were witnessing election fervor throughout the country but this is only one feature of the democratic governance.

“Democracy is not mere periodic elections or right to vote or freedom of speech and belief. It is a way of life. The most basic office that we in a democracy hold is that of being a citizen. Whether we are teachers, doctors, lawyers, professionals, judges, sons or daughters or parents, as citizens we are all equal.”

“This office has nothing to do with our race, creed or ethnicity.

We all owe allegiance to the Constitution.

This onerous allegiance warrants that whenever we witness an assault on the core values enshrined in this sacred document, we should speak out and do not remain silent and passive spectators.

There is an ongoing conflict between those who want to uphold those values and those who violate it in the name of their narrow and bigoted worldview. We should stand with those who defend these values,” he added.

Justice Jillani also urged the lawyers that they twin roles to play, first as members of the legal fraternity; you have a leadership role in the socio-political transformation of society. Second as citizens in a democracy you have to promote, protect and sustain those values, which are essential for the creation of a just, tolerant and enlightened society.

Justice Jillani said that no country can realize the dream of progress and prosperity for its people without following the route of the rule of law and supremacy of Constitution. We need to imbibe this message in our blood, in our thought, in our action and be mindful that without this, our dreams would remain dreams and hopes mere hopes.