AHMEDPUREAST - PTI Central Leader Jehangir Khan Tareen called on Bahawalpur National Awami Party Chairman Nawab Salahuddion Abbasi.

He conveyed a special message of Imran Khan to the BNAP Chairman in their one on one meeting held at BNAP Chairman Farooq Azam Malik’s residence.

During meeting, electioneering in Bahawalpur division and prevailing political situation came under discussion.

Afterwards, a lunch was organized in which, Nawab Ishaq Khakwani,Nawab Amanullah Khan,Hassan Askari Sheikh and Farooq Azam Malik were also present and various issues were discussed.

Political circles are giving much importance to the meeting and revealed that the leadership of the PML-Q and the JI would also be taken into confidence for electoral adjustments in Bahawalpur division.