LAHORE - The traders, while greeting Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan for conducting free, fair and successful intra-party elections, has termed it the country’s first-ever democratic polls within a party, as in this way sincere and competent economic managers will come up to serve the country in true spirit.

“It is a right step towards right direction to achieve true democracy which is the prerequisite of prosperity and economic growth of any country, they stated.

The PTI is the second political party after Jamat-e-Islami, which has given the chance of choosing their leadership to the workers, he said. They urged other workers of other parties to take part in intra-party elections and get rid of the family control system in political parties, asking voters to choose their own leaders through a transparent system of voting.

This is a historic day. PTI workers have laid the foundation of change and a new Pakistan will emerge from these polls, he said and added that the will of the people would prevail and there would be no place for political monarchs.

He urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to set up a special cell for reviewing the intra-party elections all over the country, as no main political party has so far conducted elections within their party. Election Commission should take action against this pre-poll rigging committed against 180 million masse of the country, he demanded.

APAT central general secretary Naeem Mir in a statement issued here on Thursday said that if all major political parties, following the footsteps of the PTA, conduct party elections, a true and sincere leadership will emerge, which is necessary for speedy progress and economic growth, as presently country suffers due to lack of management, he observed.