AN art student started making a ball of rubber bands in class - and 65,000 bands later it has stretched into the world’s bounciest office chair.Preston Moeller, 26, has turned the classic ‘rubber band ball’ that can be found in most offices the world over into an art form. He began flexing his talents by making models of musical instruments, then a rubber band man and finally this comfy and colourful chair. It weighs in at a hefty 23 pounds and took a painstaking 300 hours to loop together.Mr Moeller, from Cleveland, North Carolina, began wrapping bands together for an art project tasking students to “make something that describes you”. A keen saxophonist, he made a small saxophone out of chicken wire covered in rubber bands, which started his obsession rolling.The Appalachian State University graduate said: “Soon I had a whole band of instruments made from rubber bands. Then a classmate told me about a chair design competition. It was important that the chair kept the look and feel of the rubber band all the way through.”He added: “When guests go to sit in it, they start by bracing themselves with their arms and slowly lowering themselves into the chair. Within minutes, they’re jumping up and down on it. It’s a reliable chair and feels very safe - every office should have one.”                     –WO