LAHORE - The prosecutors are getting good salary and enjoying timely promotion, the sources said yesterday.

They said the salary and promotion of the officials of the prosecution and law department were speedy as compared with the other departments.

At least, 25 prosecutors were representing the Punjab government before the Lahore High Court a present moment. The Official sources said that an additional prosecutor was getting about Rs 150,000 salary per month. They said ADPP, a grade 17officer who appeared in magisterial courts was getting only Rs 5,000 as allowance per month and now would be paid Rs 15,000. The government did not grant the full proposed increases across all grades. For DDPPs, a grade 18 officer (appear in District and Sessions courts) who were getting Rs 7,500, the department recommended Rs 17,500 raise but the finance department only raised the package by Rs 10,000, they stated.

They also stated that for DPPs, grade 19 officers who appear in district and sessions court in high profile cases) who were drawing Rs 10,000, now they would get Rs 35,000 but the department had proposed Rs 40,000 as raise.

They further stated for APGs, grade 19 officer (appear in High court and Supreme Court) who was earlier getting Rs 75,000 will get Rs 85,000 after raise of Rs 10,000. However, Rs 25,000 were recommended for this post.