LAHORE - Former Prime Minister and PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain contacted his former boss Pervez Musharraf by phone in Dubai yesterday and immediately thereafter urged all the Opposition parties to form a grand alliance against the PML-N govt.

The former President also invited the PML-Q chief to Dubai for consultations and a party leader who did not like to be quoted said that the possibility of the latter visiting the former during the next few days cannot be ruled out.

“The Opposition parties should be united against the govt in a bid to make Go-Nawaz-Go slogan successful,” said Ch Shujaat during a Press conference.

Ch Shujaat remained Prime Minister for about two months and his cousin Ch Pervaiz Elahi served as the then Punjab Chief Minister for five years during Musharraf’s nine years rule as country’s powerful President.

He said that the alliance of Opposition could be formed easily if the number of candidates for the Prime Ministership like Asif Zardari and others returned to Pakistan.

Musharraf left Pakistan last Friday for medical treatment in Dubai after the govt lifted a travel ban imposed on him as he awaited trial on treason and other charges.

Ch Shujaat said that the govt had no other option but to send Musharraf abroad. There was no agreement behind the move, he added.

“Pervez Musharraf has not struck any deal nor sought pardon. After the verdict of the Supreme Court the government had no option to stop Pervez Musharraf. Supreme Court categorically stated that the government should decide on the issue,” he said.

PML-Q leader said that convening of the joint session of the Parliament over Pervez Musharraf's leaving would be wastage of time and national exchequer. The session rather be called to discuss the issues like price hike, unemployment and lawlessness in the country, he said.

In his media talk, Ch Shujjat appeared softer to MQM, the party remained an ally of Musharraf govt and currently facing a political blow from its disgruntled leaders like former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal, Anees Qaimkhawani, Raza Haroon and others.

To a question, he replied that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) as a political party should not be blamed for the unrest in Karachi.

He said that MQM leaders in the past had worked for their personal interests or at foreign instances but now they shunned the politics on foreign agenda.

“Mustafa Kamal should pin-point terrorist elements in the MQM and if it is a terrorist party then it would not enjoy popular majority in Karachi,” he said.

The PML-Q chief advised former Karachi Mayor to name his party as “MQM Pakistan”.

He said that the Rangers and Army could be sent for defending the frontiers any time as Armed Forces were not a new institution like FSF which was used during Bhutto era for killing the politicians.

He opposed proposed ban of 300 religious seminaries and activities of Tableeghi Jamaat in educational institutions.

He said in the meeting regarding National Action Plan he had suggested that the madaris should be called educational institutions.

About NAB, he said that the Chairman of the Accountability Bureau was working according to the cases being brought before him.