Islamabad - Speakers at a meeting yesterday sought stringent steps to stop terror financing and collection of donations in order to dismantle terrorist organisations in the country.

These views were expressed by the participants of a sensitisation session entitled “Think before you donate” organised by Individualland Pakistan, a research based consultancy and advocacy group.

President of Ulema Coordination Council Pakistan, Allama Dr Badar Muneer said that chocking of funding of terrorist organisations is mandatory for curbing the rise of militancy in the country. He said there are hundreds of charity organisations and welfare bodies that collect donations for projects that need to be checked properly as the money given to such organisations could land in the pockets of terrorists.

He said that militant organisations use different methods for collection of donations from innocent people for their legal or illegal activities. “Our society considers it obligatory to give donations but it is important to make them aware to give donations only to those people and organisations that deserve it,” he said. The participants were of the view that proscribed organisations collect donations in the name of welfare and use it for terrorist activities. “As a responsible citizen it is essential for us to focus on where our money is being spent and for what purpose,” they said.

President of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Human Rights Wing, Muhammad Naseer Ahmed said that state and public need to work together in order to control the funding of militant organisations.

“The government and civil society need to create awareness amongst the public about militant organisations collecting donations for their own activities,” he said.

The Individulland Pakistan also organised two sensitisation sessions a few days ago in Lahore on the same topic.