ISLAMABAD  - Almost 350,000 Pakistanis suffer from stroke every year while specialised stroke centres can play vital role in emergency treatment and recovery of stroke patients, a statement said.

Stroke is the second most common cause of death globally, causing around 6.7 million deaths each year and taking a life every five seconds.

The burden of stroke due to illness, disability and early death is increasing since most people are unaware of the causes, risk factors, symptoms and availability of treatment facilities in the country.

Consultant Neurologists emphasised the role of specialised stroke centres in timely treatment of stroke patients to overcome disability and death while addressing a ceremony at Shifa International Hospital.

Stroke unit at Shifa International Hospital has been recently acknowledged with a ‘Best Performer Award’ by Pakistan Stroke Society and Pakistan Society of Neurology on the occasion of 9th National Stroke Conference organised in February 2019.

Shifa Stroke Unit is the only centre in the region with comprehensive stroke care pathways to provide clot dissolving treatment (t-PA Thrombolysis) for reducing long-term disability and early recovery for the stroke patients.

While addressing the occasion, Dr Manzoor ul Haq Qazi (CEO SIH) lauded the efforts of Stroke Unit team and emphasised the role of prevention, adopting a healthier life style, and awareness among general public to recognise the early symptoms of stroke attack to ensure timely emergency treatment.