PR LAHORE - In the wake of providing awareness to women regarding labour laws, AGHS conducted multiple training sessions in the month of May to highlight the importance of labour laws.

The agenda behind such training sessions is to make women aware regarding labour laws and to tackle jeopardy of their rights. Most of the women who became part of paralegal training programme at AGHS were factory workers. The participants were briefed about the laws regarding violence and harassment against women, inheritance laws and laws regarding marriage and divorce.

AGHS invited Farooq Tariq from Awami Workers Party (AWP) to shed light on the importance of labour laws. After defining labour laws, he elaborated the importance of such laws and told paralegals that legislations are the laws enacted by the government to provide economic and social justice.

Talking about the importance of such training sessions, Coordinator of paralegal training programme Hina Shahid said, “Women who join us in this training programme are mostly unaware regarding laws formulated to protect the rights of women so such training sessions plays great part to take women to whole new world where they are not deprived and unaware.”