Islamabad -  The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has reported that 66 percent bowsers (tankers) involved in the theft of billion of rupees crude oil in Karak district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa were owned by the National Logistic Cell (NLC).

A report submitted by the FIA to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources said that of the 46 bowsers found involved in the theft of oil from oil fields (control/own by MOL Pakistan gas and company), 30 were owned by the NLC while 16 were owned by another private contractor, M/S Saadullah Shah, According to the FIA report, a copy of which is available with The Nation, no action was taken by MOL Pakistan against the tankers involved in the oil theft.

The same committee was earlier informed that the theft of crude oil worth billion of rupees from MOL oil fields in Karak has taken place.

According to the report, the subject enquiry has been registered by FIA Peshawar circle under the directions of the competent authority. The allegations under probe are related to the mega-theft of crude oil through different modes, which include by puncturing the main oil transmission line at different places and illegal enhancement of the storage capacity of the oil tankers to transport the stolen oil from the field with the connivance of public servants and other persons.

The report said that the matter was previously probed by the National Crisis Management Cell, the Ministry of Interior as well as the energy department of the KP government. In both the previous inquiries, it has been concluded that the oil worth billions of rupees had been stolen by the culprits and the national exchequer has been caused huge losses whereas the provincial government has been deprived of millions of rupees under the head of royalty.

Regarding the puncturing the main oil transmission line, the report said that 10 times the lines were punctured and cases against eight incidents were registered by local police in Karak and Kohat district. The matter was not properly probed by the local police, the report said.

The FIA report said that during the inquiry it was found that the culprits also enhance the storage capacity of bowsers to steal crude oil from the field. Some other techniques include placement of moveable dip pipes, tampering with bowser dip pipes, preparation of fake calibration charts for bowsers, a mixture of water in the crude oil, placement of different materials in dip pipes, due to higher losses than permissible, placement of foreign materials in the bowsers.

According to the FIA report, bowsers no: Z-6101,1846, K-9697, TLM-399, QAH-9549, C-3741, K5999, C-8843, BEC-995, RIN-8995, K-9495, E-9182,C-2386, P-7422, LSC-793, TDD-717, C-8466,C-8463, C-8463, C-8327, TKF-697, TTB-926, TKJ-106, PP-1352, TKX-178,6887, TT-B645, C-1988, C-9494 and C-1543 were owned by the NLC. Similarly, bowsers no: TLL-812, Z-9038, TKL-478, C-2837, Z-8395, W-452, P-5727, TLK-815, TLM-041, TLS-093, Z-3925, E-7934, K-5540, TLP-715 and C-3417 were owned by contractor M/S Saadullah Shah.

According to the report, bowser TT- B645, which was owned by NLC, was banned by MOL due to dip pipe tempering. The standard operating capacity of the bowser was 28,000 litres and it carried out 70 previous trips to MOL facility. Bowser TKF-697 was banned due to dissimilar dip chart, presented by the driver, but the bowser registration number was changed to TDD-717. However, the engine and chassis number of TTD-717 were same with TKF-697 and these were also changed in the dip chart.

Some bowsers have dip chart tempering, the difference in length, seal tampering, broken seal, dip pipe modification, hidden compartment, two conflicting dip chart for the same bowser, the report said.

“In bowser GLTA-5911 has welded plate inside the bowser to illegally increase the volume of condensate. In bowser TLW-452, owned by M/S Saadullah Shah, was intercepted as tap water was found while decanting. In bowser C-2837, soap was found under the dip pipe. Bowser C-8466 was banned because of the fake document. Bowser E-9182 was banned because dip pipe modification was done by placing a brick and steel plate below the dip pipe having height 100 mm,” the report said.

During the course of inquiry, it has been transpired that all the bowsers found involved in the theft of crude oil and caught red-handed by MOL were left scot-free instead of getting FIRs registered against them and imposing fines on the carriage contractors (NLC/ M/S Saadullah Shah). The MOL management decided to only ban them for future carriage activities, the FIA report said. Quoting a source, the report said that all these vehicles were subsequently used by the contractors by changing their number plates. A number of requests were made to the Ministry of Petroleum for the provision of the services of an expert to physically inspect the vehicles and to quantify the volume of crude oil stolen through these vehicles on each trip but no cooperation in this regard was extended, it said.

About 63 FIR were registered and dozens of accused were apprehended by the local police along with vehicles on the charges of theft of crude oil. Recoveries of thousands of litres of crude oil were made, however, the drivers and their helpers were made only accused. Most of the cases are still pending in court while convictions were made in some cases, the FIA report said.  The FIA report has recommended to the committee that to unearth the mafia involved in the oil theft and refer the matter to the NAB.