Islamabad-The Islamabad High Court (IHC) will resume hearing in the petitions related to the marriage issue of a couple of Pakistani national husband and an Indian national woman today (Monday).

A single bench of IHC comprising Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani will conduct hearing of the petitions of Tahir Ali and Dr Uzma. Previously, the court had directed to club all these petitions for their joint hearing on May 22 (today).

Besides clubbing the petitions, the IHC bench had also issued notices to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indian High Commission in this matter.

In the petition of Ali, a resident of Buner, the petitioner is seeking a meeting with his Indian wife Uzma who is currently living inside the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

On the other hand, Uzma through Indian High Commission also filed a petition in IHC alleging that Ali obtained her signature at Nikahnama (marriage contract) at a gun point.

As per details, Pakistani Ali and Indian Uzma met in Malaysia. Later, they mutually decided to marry each other and after obtaining visa, Uzma entered Pakistan and marriage ceremony was solemnized in Daggar Buner.

In his petition, Ali has been seeking from the court to declare that both he and Uzma were legally husband and wife under the Sharia law and therefore have all the rights and duties toward each other and both cannot be denied access to each other on any pretext and consequently respondents be directed to allow the petitioner to meet Uzma.

The petitioner husband sought court’s intervention to meet his wife in a free atmosphere while alleging that Uzma reverted to her promises under pressure from his brother and officials of Indian High Commission.

However, Uzma alleged that Ali forcibly married her at gun point, sexually assaulted and beat her. She is seeking repatriation to India providing duplicate immigration sheets to her.

Uzma claiming she was forced to marry Ali, yesterday submitted her reply before the IHC.

In this regard, she had submitted her para-wise comments before the court and fully rejected the version of Ali and maintained that she had never agreed to turn her acquaintance into marriage.

Uzma in her reply to the IHC said that after she arrived in Pakistan through Wagha border, she was sternly and mercilessly deadened and sedated through sleeping pills and was sexually assaulted by the petitioner in connivance with his friends.

The Indian woman alleged that she was compelled to marry Ali at gun point.

She also rejected Ali’s claim that she invited him to India for getting married. Uzma, however, said that she was thrashed, threatened to kill and badly humiliated and Ali forced her to sign the Nikahnama. Therefore, she prayed to the court to dismiss Ali’s petition.

She claimed that the petition of Ali was nothing but “jumble of lies.” She further said that Indian High Commission has provided her with shelter and security till her safe return to India. She also denied any kind of pressure developed on her by the Indian High Commission.