The Indian Army on Monday awarded a commendation card to Major Nitin Gogoi, who had tied a 26-year-old Kashmiri man to a jeep as human shield, reported Asian News International agency.

A video released in April showed a young shawl weaver Farooq Ahmed Dar strapped to a patrolling Indian Army jeep as a human shield against stone-throwing protesters.

"When they were driving me around, they were saying, 'We will shoot (you),' and were throwing stones at my head," Dar spoke of the ordeal. "I was told not to talk. In one of the villages, an elderly man begged for my release but they didn't listen to him."

Rights groups have long accused Indian forces of using systematic abuse and unjustified arrests in Held Kashmir. The Indian government has acknowledged the problem exists, but denies it is part of a wide strategy to intimidate residents.

Many rights group have conducted decades of research and estimate that at least 200,000 people have been tortured during Kashmir's decades-long conflict fueled by anti-India sentiment among a mostly Muslim population and a deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops.