ISLAMABAD - International wrestlers have praised the love, care and hospitality of Pakistanis, which they rendered to the guests, who came to amuse them through their prodigious performances in the ring.

Addressing a press conference with international wrestlers here at a local hotel in Pir Sohawa on Sunday, Pro Wrestling Entertainment Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syed Asim Ali Shah said: “The response from Karachi and Lahore masses was exceptional and we are expecting the same from wrestling-lovers of the federal capital.”

He believes Islamabad fans will be thronging the venue in great numbers and will their love and passion for wrestling, they will make the event a mega success. “The tickets were sold in quite hefty numbers in capital. After the successful conclusion of these events, next time bigger names of world wrestling will come to amuse the Pakistanis through their exceptional performances in the ring.”

Asim said the masses enjoyed the super stars actions and were highly thrilled. “The international wrestlers including females are satisfied with security arrangements and very glad to be in Pakistan and they will return to their respective destinations with highly positive image about Pakistan. By conducting these events in Pakistan, we have proved the international community that Pakistanis are peace loving and passionate about sports.

“With such hospitality, love and respect given to these wrestlers by Pakistanis, they will surely love to come to Pakistan again and also bring their fellows with them on their next visit,” he added.

To query about a stay order against the events, Asim said: “Our reply is simple, as anyone, who tries to stop healthy sporting events and create hurdles in smooth functioning, is a traitor and working on some hidden agenda and wants to bring bad name to country. He is in fact an agent of enemy state. Some people want to get cheap publicity to get famous, but we didn’t care about them, and conducted the events successfully.”

Sharing his views, Badshah Khan Pehalwan, the man instrumental about bringing international super stars to Pakistan, said: “We sure to amuse the spectators in Islamabad as well, like we did in Karachi and Lahore. We want to show and prove the world that Pakistan is a peace-loving country. The world has witnessed the successful fights conducted by us, and we will host more and more such international events here.”

International-famed former heavyweight champion Tiny Iron said: “It looks like I am in hometown. I met brothers and sisters, they are ordinary people like me but highly caring and loving and extended such lovely and memorable hospitality to all of us, which we couldn’t forget. Pakistan is peaceful country and has lovely environment for sports. It’s only western media propaganda against Pakistan, but now we have witnessed that Pakistan is completely safe.

“We have visited Karachi and Lahore, whose love and hospitality impressed us a lot. Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The view from the top is amazing. I am already looking forward to come again and this time with my family to enjoy the beautiful places of this wonderful country,” he added.

Female wrestler Melissa Santos from USA said she had heard so much negative about Pakistan but it was just western media’s propaganda against this lovely country. “I am really enjoying here and roaming around freely. People are too cute and caring. I would to say instead of paying heed to negativity about Pakistan, people should come and witness themselves the beauty of this country.”