Taha Siddiqui, a journalist with World is One News, has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court over alleged harassment by Federal Investigation Agency [FIA].

Siddiqui says he received a call from Pakistan’s state agency asking him to appear in person at their office for an interrogation. “The caller who introduced himself as Noman Bodla from the Counter Terrorism Department of the FIA demanded that the petitioner may appear before him at the FIA Headquarters for an interrogation,” states the petition filed by Taha.

When Taha questioned why he had to appear before the agency, the caller said for interrogation concerned issues and opinions Taha had written involving his professional work.

Taha told the court that his professional work was publicly accessible and he doesn’t need to appear at the FIA Headquarters for the interrogation.

In the petition he further wrote that he is under surveillance since the day he received the threatening call. “Since the phone call, the petitioner has noticed that plain-clothed persons have conspicuously been pointing at his house at which the petitioner has taken due precautions of making certain that his movements are restricted or known to his family and friends so that the caller along with others may not act in an illegal manner.”

Before filing his petition, Siddiqui wrote to WION that he is "being harassed by the FIA and being targeted for expressing my opinions".

And that he is the "only journalist on that FIA list and I m the first to ask relief from courts since I feel harassed and intimidated".

The petition also lists Pakistan's interior ministry and Noman Bodla, deputy director of the FIA's counterterrorism department, as respondents.