HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM - A man along and his mother allegedly shaved off hair, eyebrows and eyelashes his wife for forbidding "him from extra-marital relations."

The Hujra Shah Muqeem Police have registered a case and arrested both the accused.

According to police, the incident occurred in village Naki Nagar, a suburban area of Hujra Shah Muqeem. The police sources informed that Pervaiz, a resident of Naki Nagar, allegedly had having an affair with a girl of the area. His wife Shazia, mother of three children, however, was opposed to her husband's affair and used to forbid him. The couple would quarrel over the issue often at which Pervaiz along with his mother Shema Bibi planned to 'punish' his wife. At night, they allegedly served some intoxicants to the woman and later Pervaiz saved off head, eye-brows and eyelashes of Shazia. Later, they called a self-proclaimed spiritual-healer Saleem Shah from village Kharral Kalan to exorcise evil spirit from the woman.

According to statement of the victim given to the police, they allegedly kept her in solitary confinement for three days wherein a so-called spiritual-healer tortured her severely in the name of exorcism.

In the meanwhile, Shazia's uncle came to know about the situation and he came to the village. He, with the help of the villagers, got the woman released from the captivity.

He shifted her to Rural Health Centre Hujra Shah Muqeem where her condition is stated to be stable.

Later, they approached local press club from where they went to the police. The Hujra Shah Muqeem Police registered a case and arrested Pervaiz and his mother.