Rawalpindi-The Metro Bus administration is allegedly breaching the agreement and schedule by running only 24 buses instead of 67 buses on Rawalpindi-Islamabad route while it is getting subsidy on all 67 buses.

Around 24 Metro buses are running on the route between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, sources said.

The remaining 43 buses remained parked at the I-9 Metro Bus Depot. Overloading of passengers is also witnessed in the buses as 150-200 passengers travel at rush hours in each bus.

According to sources, the Metro Bus administration is allegedly violating the agreement and obtaining subsidy on 67 buses as all the buses are not running on the tracks.

Meanwhile, the administration has also failed to repair and refurbish the damaged and broken tracks since day one. The passengers are facing problems due to overloading and suffocation due to overloading.

The Metro Bus administration itself has confirmed that it was running only 24 buses instead of 67, however, they claimed that from next week onwards all the busses would be utilised.