Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that Supreme Court has called Panama Leaks investigation as criminal case.

While talking to media, the PTI chairman stated that despite being suspect in criminal case, Nawaz Sharif is still holding the office.

“A criminal investigation is underway against a person and he went to Saudi Arabia as Prime Minister of Pakistan,” he said.

“Nowhere in the world has it happened that a criminal is a head of the state.”

Khan further said that Nawaz Sharif was humiliated in Saudi Arabia as he was not allowed to speak at the US-Arab Summit.

“Nawaz went with practice but he was not allowed to play match,” said Khan.

Khan further mentioned that US President Trump talked about India but did not even mention about Pakistan which is a front line state fighting against terrorism.

“US President did not even think to meet Nawaz Sharif,” he claimed.

He further added that nation is very disappointed from Nawaz Sharif

While talking about Islamic Alliance, he said that Iran should have been involved in this alliance because role of Pakistan is to bridge up the differences between Muslim countries not to widen them.

“Government must have told Saudi Arabia that we will not become part of one side rather will be a mediator,” he said.

“We cannot leave Iran alone.”