KARACHI : Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal said on Sunday that his party would shut down the city if its 16 demands were not met.

Kamal said this while addressing a press conference at Pakistan House. PSP President Anis Qaimkhani, General Sectary Raza Haroon and others were also present.

On the occasion, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) leader Nawab Rashid Ali Khan announced his joining the PSP along with his supporters.

Talking to the media, Nawab Rashid Ali said that he remained part of the PML-F for 37 years and during this period he never wanted to become a minister or senator. “I worked for the betterment of the country as our forefathers sacrificed their lives for the creation of Pakistan and now it is our duty to play our role in this regard and put the country on the path of progress,” he said. He said that PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal had initiated a movement to save Pakistan that’s why he joined this party. Speaking on the occasion, Kamal welcomed Nawab Rashid Ali to the party and admired his ideology. He said that his party had floated 16 demands and it was struggling to get people their rights.

“Our movement has entered the third phase and the party leadership is going door to door to spread the message of the PSP,” he said.

“We will not compromise on our children’s right to water, education and health. We will not backtrack on our stance and will shut down Karachi if necessary,” Kamal said.