LAHORE - Academy Adbiyat-e-Atfal organised a one-day National Writers Conference on Children Literature on Saunday at a local hotel, urging the policy makers to devise polices for children which are the future of Pakistan.

A number of poets, writers, thinking minds, and intellectuals who create children content attended the conference. Academy Adbiyat-e-Atfal vice-chairman Hafiz Muzaffar Mohsin, Nazir Ambalvi, Ufaq Dehlvi, Asghar Nadeem Syed and others were present on the occasion.

Admiral (r) Muhammad Asif Sandila was the chief guest of the conference. In his address, he urged “we should use the children literature in educating our children.”

There were three sessions in the conference in which writers from Azad Kashmir, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtun Khuwan presented their papers on children literature and discourse on how the existing and prevailing situation of lack of indigenous and local content in Pakistan.

There was also a session ‘Kahani Ki Talash’, in which writers shares about how stories are being generated for children. Prominent writers shared their experiences on how they generate characters and stories for children.

Academy Adbiyat-e-Atfal - the organizer of conference - believes that peace and harmony can be brought through children literature.

Addredding the gathering of people from all walks of life, the speakers urged that children literature content must be promoted and generated ingeniously and need of the hour was to devise comprehensive polices for children which should be promulgated.

Phool Editor and Pakistan Children Magazine Society’s (CMS) President Muhammad Shoaib Mirza said there are around 35 to 40 children magazines from all over the Pakistan which are registered to CMS but there are acute government advertisements.

One more aspect which was highlighted that children literature awards at government’s level like other sectors of society would be beneficial for the nourishment of the children literature in which every writer will get confidence and reward on writing a good story for children.