It is not a natural disaster for Pakistan that the dollar drone has devastated the septuagenarian life of Pakistani rupee and economy, as the dollar touched 150 rupees in the open market and about 148 rupees at the interbank level; of course it is manmade disaster culminating into economic, socio-political disaster affecting all the segments of the society drastically.

It has been a great misfortune for Pakistan that God gifted country has been facing the politico-economic turmoil since its existence in all eras of its history, all the stakeholders have been playing blame game, holding each other liable for the situation and crisis, without breaking the shells of personal interests, hatred, egos, playing the dirty game at the cost of the nation and country, resultantly the conditions are getting worse to worst. No political party, political leadership, business community, nor any institution has been seriously thinking about the solid foundation of the nation, the economy. By etymology, the word origin, the word economy is derived from the two Latin words the Eco- the house and the Nomos-the law or the rule, so the rule or law to run a house is called the economy sadly no such “house laws” has been made in real sense nor implemented forcefully since 1947. Pakistan has been the experimental laboratory for the different actors attired in different fancy costumes with alluring slogans and tongues, and experimentations have been in progress, without any fruitful results, to-date, to address the problems of the economic stability in the country but all have been circumnavigating around the multidimensional personal interests thus the country and economy growing weak to weaker and persons and political parties/leaderships growing stronger to the strongest. The global economy is being ruled by the dollar and in the current economic crisis the dollar is the king and the Pakistani economy has been forced to prostrate to chronic slavery whose cost is not only being paid by the current generation but the unborn Pakistanis have been labelled as unborn slave to dollar and it’s masters.

It has to be explored and denude the faces of unknown to known forces who have created this situation of economic disaster whose permanent impacts and the prolonged after effects have been posing an alarming threats for the survival.

It is crystal clear that ongoing done attack of the dollar has crashed the Pakistani stock exchange and would affect trade, commerce & industries, agriculture, health, safety, security and other sectors of Pakistan, However the negative impacts would be aaugmented by implementation of the cryptic TORs with the IMF and other institutions and bodies, in the coming days soon, in the absence of both the prophylactic and rehabilitative measures to be taken by the Government.

The prices of the oil, gas, electricity, water would take wings and affect the common man in the holy month of Ramazan and the days after. The dollar has gigantic impact on the lives of the people. The direct target of this dollar drone is the ordinary Pakistani who would be deprived of the essential rights and face sufferings and ordeal of life beyond his control.

It is real tough time for the Pakistani rupee worst ever in the history of 13 currencies in the region of Asia, lower than Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Afghan currency; it has depreciated 29% in the current month of May. What a dilemma that the seventh atomic power of the world has the powerless economy and currency. It is not the devaluation of the Pakistani rupees but indirectly the devaluation of the country and the nation.

There has been economic standstill, stagnation and deadlock for the last nine months or so having the same stand and stance by the government, blaming the loss in the imports and exports, the trade deficits, decrease in the economic reserve/forex index and the titanic increase in the foreign debt, as an inheritance from the last government, without any remedy and roadmap.

There is no change in the economic pace but continuous rapid change in the economic teams and jugglers just to amuse and confuse the nation.

It is be remembered that Pakistan is already in the Grey list and this recent situation would make it very difficult to come out of this black state of status quo.

The real Ramadan/fasting for the Pakistanis has started now and it would continue even after Ramazan for the unknown period without proper planning and intervention. Some international and domestic actors have never been sincere with the country and nation and their contribution to current condition could never be underestimated.

The government has no instant relief for the people regarding jobs opportunities, poverty alleviation, and issues of food, hunger, shelter/accommodation, health, safety, security, inflation and current economic crisis. Moreover it has been failing to have control over the various institutions which have direct responsibility in the economic growth and stability. However it would take time to tackle the issues, subject to on ground, synergistic, sustainable, well illuminated roadmap with strong commitment, without bigotry, discrimination and political victimization.

Without wasting the time and energy in blaming, attributing the previous governments and their policies anymore, the government should take into the confidence all the political parties and leadership regarding the agreements between IMF and other institutions, and discuss the permanent solutions of the ongoing economic emergency. All the opposition parties should give priorities to the economic crisis, all sinking the differences with the positive thinking in the best interest of the country and the nation before it is too late!!!

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