KARACHI   -   Adviser to Sindh chief minister on information, law and anti-corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that PPP was not launching movement for sake of forming government.

This he said while talking to media on Tuesday at Sindh Assembly. The adviser said that NAB chairman should not run its affairs through press conferences as it was violation of code of conduct and added that it was an attempt to make accountability process controversial.

“NAB chairman should inform nation about the investigation of BRT Peshawar and billion trees Tsunami case,” he added. He said that NAB was not working properly as conviction ratio of NAB is very low.

He said that disastrous facts regarding the condition of country’s economy were emerging as according to report of State Bank of Pakistan the debt of country rose to Rs 35 trillion.

He said that Railways was facing deficit of Rs 28 billion but Sheikh Rasheed was busy in making tall claims adding that it seemed Rasheed wanted to be Information Minister. He said that one can easily guess from the performance of Rasheed that he even does not fulfill the criteria of (D.S Railways) Divisional Superintendent of Railways.

To a question, the advisor said that Railways Ministry refused to run Karachi Circular Railway arguing that federal government lacked the required resources. He said that Sindh government fully supported and made serious efforts for revival of KCR but unfortunately Sheikh Rasheed in meeting held the other day showed his reluctance to revive KCR and added Sindh government will run KCR.

The provincial Advisor Information said that Sindh government has sent letter to Railway ministry for providing the required 102 train boogies. He said that Sindh government will modernise the KCR in pursuance of honorable courts directives. 

He said that Sindh government making efforts to revive KCR since 2016 and with the efforts of Sindh Chief Minister, KCR project was included in CPEC.  He said that federal government promised to support and contribute in revival of KCR.

He said that PTI government has done nothing for the relief to common man in last ten month rule, contrary to that our prime minister was pacifying nation not to get worried. He said that policies of captain has broken the back bone of masses and now he would destroy the cricket team of Pakistan as performance of our cricket team was also very poor now a days. He said that nation was expecting that cricket will develop in the country as captain knows game very well but, the advisor added it seemed captain Imran Khan was not in favour that another captain of Pakistan team should have honour of wining cricket world cup trophy.

To another question, he said that details of new police order will be shared with the honorable court adding that legislation is not the responsibility of government servant rather it is Assembly who make laws. He said that impression was being made that IG Police has authority of legislation which was incorrect.

“Opposition parties have gathered on one point agenda as policies of incumbent federal government has devastated the economy of country,” the adviser added.