With the recent Paris massacre, the situation for the Syrian refugees has worsened. The world is in a state of confusion. Humanitarian groups are constantly pressing on the need to ensure that these refugees are taken in by other states in order to rehabilitate and settle them while security agencies are concerned about the potential threat that comes with allowing the refugees to enter other countries. Both sides have very valid arguments.  It is ruthless to suggest that these refugees be trapped in the hell that their country has become, yet it is difficult to say these refugees be settled in new countries since hidden amongst these refugees could be individuals who  are causing all the havoc in the first place.

However, it is very important to understand that if the fear of allowing these refugees to live in other countries engulfs the world, it will help the barbaric groups making life unbearable for these refugees, in turn attain their goal – they will have complete power over the refugees. It will then allow these groups to alter the refugees’ perception of the world and fill their minds and hearts with nothing but hatred for the rest of the world.

Recently, there has been a constant debate on how the refugees need to be barred from entering other countries after a Syrian passport was found after the Paris attacks. Responding to this, more than half of US state governors declared they would not allow in any Syrian refugees. This stance, a poll revealed, also reflects the sentiments of the masses. However, the main victim of the attacks, France, stated that it would continue with its commitment to the refugees. In fact, the French president announced that France would be taking in 30,000 refugees instead of the 24,000 that France had promised to take in September. Does this suggest the French president has no regard for the safety of his own people? Does he not want peace in his country?

Barring the refugees from entering other countries will only create more difficulties in fighting ISIS since Syrian airstrikes will continue killing civilians, something that humanitarian groups all over the world have been condemning. France has very intelligently made the decision to allow in refugees while tightening the security even further. The refugees entering France will undergo very tight security checkpoints and examinations. This will allow the country to allow no militants to enter it while allowing innocent people fleeing war to enter a safe country. France has thus proven that it can manage to create a balance between its humanitarian responsibilities to the world and safeguarding the lives of its own citizens.

The world may have divides in the form of continents, countries, states and cities. However, it is important to keep in mind that the value of a human life is above all these divides. Leaving the refugees in miserable conditions to die and see their loved ones be ruthlessly killed will only create strong sentiments of hatred amongst them.  By denying the refugees the right to escape, the world will only create a group that is filled with hatred not only for the West but for the entire world. Looking at it from this perspective, we can see that this compliments the plans that ISIS has for the world: hatred between groups.

When these young Syrians grow up as orphans because the world didn’t allow their parents to flee a warzone, they will only have hatred for the world. They will not think twice before blowing up a hundred thousand people; to them, everyone will be part of the conspiracy that led to their parents’ deaths. However, allowing refugees to enter safe zones will not only result in the world powers’ humanitarian duties being fulfilled but will ensure that these Syrian families discourage and condemn extremism. The Muslim world, at present, is plagued by extremism. Seeing the direct effects of extremism, these Syrian families will not only openly criticize extremism but will also encourage the remaining Muslim community to shun extremism.

Not letting these refugees enter safe zones will only result in the creation of more hatred, when that hate surfaces in the form of extremism, the entire world will have to bear the blame.