Rawalpindi - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has declared Rawalpindi Cantonment Board defaulter over non-payment of its dues of more than Rs 500 millions for treatment and maintenance of water purification plants set up in Sangjani area.

According to CDA sources, the CDA warned the cantonment board to suspend water supply if the dues were not cleared.

According to agreement reached between cantonment board and CDA, the Cantonment Board is required to make payment to CDA according to the water it would utilize.

However, for several years, the Cantonment Board has not paid the dues, which are being borne by the CDA to keep the supply line for the residents.

The sources said that the CDA sent notices to the cantonment board authorities warning them to pay the dues of over Rs 500 millions but no response was given to the authority.

However a spokesman of the cantonment board said the authorities have decided to pay the amount of Rs 5.5 million in four instilments to CDA during the current fiscal year.