DHAKA/DUBAI - Bangladesh Premiere League franchise Chittagong has denied extending any offer to Pakistan’s batsman M Hafeez who said that he turned down an offer of around Rs10million from them because M Amir was also playing in the team.

Hafeez was not selected in the drafting process while other Pakistan players were chosen in the draft and big-name players like Misbah-ul-Haq and Shahid Afridi were signed outside the draft.

Hafeez said he had received the offer through an agent, without revealing any names - he said he does not have an exclusive agent but the offer came through various sources.

However Pakistan Test captain Misbah differed with Hafeez. Misbah said Hafeez was welcome to his personal opinion, but he felt the BPL would be a good gauge to see how Aamir measures up against top-class players after returning to domestic cricket this year. "It is pretty much his personal decision," Misbah said. "(But) I think a better judge of that are the ICC and the PCB. And especially the audience, the supporters, they really need to decide.”

"For Aamir, I think it's good for him. He has been playing domestic cricket, so it's a tournament where he can share the experience of some of the international players and see where he is at the moment." But Hafeez is not ready to give his countryman any sympathy. "I had a lot of respect for all three before the incident as they were all talented but after the sordid episode I lost all respect because of their acts," said Hafeez. "They damaged the hopes and respect of the fans," said Hafeez. "They were just banned and went away from the fields, it was us who had to bear the brunt. We had to restore Pakistan team's integrity, the confidence of the world because in 2010 there were talks of banning our team. We had to suffer the taunts of the fans and after 2010 every act, every defeat and every mistake of ours was seen as suspicious, so we overcame that tough time and will not allow it to happen again."Asked what if Aamir is included in the Pakistan team again, Hafeez said: "We will look at it when it happens, it’s premature to say anything now."