COM California - Kate Hudson is convinced having a female president in the US would boost the fight for women’s rights in Hollywood.

The Almost Famous actress has thrown her support behind presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton ahead of America’s 2016 election, and Kate hopes the politician is successful in her bid to become the first female leader of the United States.

Kate is adamant that having a woman in the White House will mark a major turning point in the ongoing fight for equality between the sexes, and it could even help solve widespread pay gap problems. “Electing Hillary would be a huge step forward,” she tells British newspaper the London Evening Standard. “It would be amazing, it would be absolutely amazing. I think that goes without saying. It’s about time.”She also talks about the Hollywood pay gap scandal, which has been rumbling on since last year (14) when leaked emails revealed Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid significantly less than their male co-stars on acclaimed drama American Hustle.

“No, no. We still haven’t won anything (in Hollywood), it’s just the same old thing,” she explains. “It’s the same struggles but you know, keep fighting the fight.” Kate hails her mother Goldie Hawn as an innovative female role model, and hopes Hillary will provide similar inspiration for women across the world if she wins the US election.

“I was raised by a very hardworking trailblazing mom,” she adds, “The first female actress/producer in our industry to say I’m going to produce and develop my own material... That’s a big deal in our world. I watched her have to fight a lot of wars that we don’t necessarily fight as much anymore but they still are there. So yeah I was raised by that kind of woman, I inevitably have become that kind of woman.

“I do think it’s important for women to take on more leadership roles, but I also think people should take on what they want to.” However, Kate is adamant she has no plans to go into politics herself despite starring in an election-themed shoot for the 2016 Campari Calendar. The actress insists she is “too rebellious” for a job in public office.