Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, Indian Army continued mortar shelling and heavy gun fire around Doornard forests in Manigah area of Kupwara district for the 10 consecutive day.

According to Kashmir Media Service, witnesses told media that Indian forces resorted to heavy shelling in Doornard forests, stretched up to Kashirah village of Lolab area triggering panic. Deafening sounds and heavy firing shook the entire area.

The Indian army officials said that half of the forest area ranging from Manigah to Shamshawali, Safawali to Mohri (Kalaroos), and Jabbad forests to Shundi, was checked during the operation.

Before entering Boinard, a thick patch of Deodar and Kail forests located between Manigah and Kashirah village of Lolab, forces resorted to mortar shelling and heavy firing to get the reaction from other side.