Islamabad (PR) - Roots Schools/Ivy International Schools celebrated Universal Children’s Day in all the branches nationwide by holding a variety of events in which children read out poems, delivered speeches on child rights and held stage shows to raise voice for their rights.

Roots Child Rights Club in every branch observed the day by engaging the children to “speak out their voices,” says a press release. Roots students of 93 Harley Campus Rawalpindi participated in the national celebration organised by the Child Protection Council of the ministry of law, justice & human rights at Marriot Hotel Islamabad. Children from all segments of the society staged a colourful programme highlighting their hopes and aspirations of a brighter and prosperous Pakistan.

Roots young students staged a tableau highlighting the significance of education, thus asked the stakeholders and the government to make education compulsory for all children and to provide basic rights of health, education, nutrition, shelter, food, equality in gender and protection from violence. The children said, “All bills on child rights & their protection must be passed by the members of the parliament so that law can come into force.”

Pervaiz Rashid, Federal Minister for Law, Justice & Human Rights, was the chief guest on the occasion.

He assured the children that the government is fully conscious of its obligation towards children and is taking all measures to protect the children by constituting a council and passing of bills. He said, “Children are our future, we have to give them the best start.”

Riffat Mushtaq also shared her feelings on this day. “We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind. May we all see a new dawn of hope for the children of Pakistan in the prudent decisions that our parliament takes,” she said.