Islamabad - The Smart School Islamabad held a science exhibition at its I-10/4 campus to motivate the student and bringing out their capabilities in the field of science.

With the aim of saving our planet earth by the use of bio-energy resources, many models including solar house, wind power project and zero emission running car were displayed.

Negative effects of pollution were also shown by the pollution model and how it effects environment, causing natural disasters like volcano eruption, were also displayed. All the projects were very creative and innovative and give the great ideas in making the earth green.

The students participated with full zeal and zest in the exhibition. The exhibition was aimed to inspire and spark student’s imaginations and develop their interests showing innovation and creativity. Students and teachers were well prepared and as a team they came up with outstanding exhibits, making this event a complete success.

The visitors found the exhibition as an exceptionally positive activity, informative and creative. They said that such events should be encouraged, as they are necessary for the cognitive development of students.