The terror attacks in Paris last week, in which more than 130 innocent people were killed, are absolutely condemnable. We all must raise our voice against these terrorists who spread terror and kill common people for their own vested interests under the cover of a religious or political ideology.

Terrorism is a complex and extremely difficult-to-understand phenomenon. In this article, however, I am concerned with specifically the horrific attacks in Paris, their impact on EU and rest of the world and the future of EU.

Our first question is: who attacked Paris?

It is ISIS.


Why did they do it?

There may be two possible answers. First, ISIS might want to spread terror and chaos among the people of France. Second, ISIS wanted to tell the West that they are stronger than the US and EU.

In the former case, they have achieved what they wanted to but the price to be paid in return is very high. In the latter, we find sheer ignorance of those who firmly believe in their wishful thinking.

The second question is: how the EU and her allies will exploit these events? To answer this we must understand some specific objectives of EU which they will try to purse sooner or later on the basis of these “human tragedies”.

The politics of this era of human history is both complex and dirty. In this dirty business the hardest task for a student or a scholars is to find the truth. All too often, truth is eliminated. This is the story of this age. No matter you like it or not, but you have to accept it.

In 2009 a documentary argued that eventually Europe will become Muslim Europe because of two reasons: high birth rate of Muslims and a high number of immigrants.

And now one more factor is the unfortunate Syrian refugee crisis. There is a constant and pertinent threat to European social and political structures. In this critical situation while they claim to be the champions of freedom of speech and induvial liberty, it is a bit hard for them to formulate discriminatory laws (as in Israel) on the basis of religion.

So, they need some other way to ban Muslims or to get Muslims out of their counters.

What will they do? We don’t know yet. (Syrian Refugees may be banned and thrown out of the country shortly)

But one thing is certain; attacks like the one in Paris will surely be used to create some moral standing and social conditions to develop some justifications to ban Muslims’ entry in EU.