KARACHI - A senior physician and an infection control expert has appealed to the people to dedicate sites and ensure collective slaughtering of animals during Eid ul Azha so as to confine the blood of sacrificial animals vis a vis prevent series of ailments.“We need to develop a healthy culture without any compromise on hygienic considerations,” said Dr. Nasim Sallahuddin, talking to APP on Sunday.  In reply to a question, she said people preferably must not slaughter animals at homes or on streets as the practice enhances chances of disease outbreak in the city.  “However, since this perhaps is not possible therefore arrangements must duly be available for proper washing away and disposal of cattle blood and waste after each episode of slaughter”.Regretting that there were no arrangements for presence of veterinary doctors even at the specially created cattle markets, prior to Eid ul Azha, she said such a facility can help people avoid purchase of a sick animal.   Reply to a question , she warned people against serious health risks they may be exposed to due to poor hygienic consideration in handling the cattle.“If there is injury in hands or any other exposed part of the body please do not get into direct contact with blood or any excreta of the animal as this may cause any severe ailment,” she said.With particular reference to cattle related diseases as congo crimean fever and so-forth, she said people may not know that the cow, buffalo etc purchased by them may have the peculiar tick.The infection control expert said there are a series of ailments that affect people due to their direct and close exposure to the affected cattle.Administrator welcomes: KMC Administrator Muhammad Hussain Syed, welcoming the International World Eleven team on their visit to Karachi, expressed the hope that this tour would change viewpoint about Pakistan by sending the message to the world that it is a peaceful country for cricket. Speaking at the reception hosted by KMC in honour of the visiting team,  he also thanked the organisers of the cricket series, especially the provincial minister, Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah, for holding the matches in Karachi. He called this a good omen that the holding of these matches in Karachi would pave the way for restoration of international cricket in Pakistan. The recption was attended by provincial minister Rafiq Engneer, Metropolitan Commissioner Matanat Ali Khan, Manager International Eleven Alvin Kallicharan, organisers, Secretary KCCA Prof. Aijaz Farooqui, Media Representatives and KMC officers. The Administrator Karachi said the expressions of rove memorable for them and they would have best of hospitality in the city of the founder of the country. The Manager of International World Eleven, former West Indian Test Cricketer Alvin Kallicharan, while calling his tour of Karachi as the most memorable event in his sporting career thanked the local administration and the people of Karachi for extending best hospitality for his team. He said he had been visiting Karachi earlier but this tour has a purpose to help Pakistan in its effort for restoration of international cricket here.He said his team also supports and desires that the emerging young players in Pakistan get maximum opportunities to show their talent. The organisers of International World Eleven thanked all the team members and officails of his team for touring Pakistan and expressed the hope that the series would prove sensational and interesting. E&T recovers 320kg hashish: Excise and Taxation Department Sindh nabbed two accused involved in trade of narcotics, while recovered 320 kilograms of hashish from their possession. On the other hand, Provincial Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla highly acclaimed the performance of Excise and Taxation Department Staff and vowed that all-out efforts will be made to counter such incidents in future.Bengal Tiger recuperating fast: The 22- year- old Bengal Tiger at Karachi zoo is fast recuperating after five days ailment, said Karachi Zoo officials on Sunday.The tiger, one of the most sought after animal and extremely popular among children visiting the zoo, had after a lull of five days took some food and also roamed in his cage on Sunday. As per directives of KMC administrator, Mohammad Hussain Syed senior veterinary doctors of the country had been approached for the treatment of tiger and in accordance to the recommendations of Dr Masood ul Haq, the specie was administered drugs diluted in milk. Complying to the advise of Dr. Haq, based in Islamabad, tiger was also given feed comprising liver and chicken instead of meat, said the officials. According to them the Bengal Tiger, shifted to Karachi zoo from Lahore zoo in 2004, has already passed through his optimum life expectancy reported to be 20 years. He had been registered with sickness for past several days, however, it was five days ago that he had stopped eating with mobility extremely restricted.  Children visiting the zoo had since then be praying for his health and early recovery.