ISLAMABAD – The employees of MRP/MRV Project (Phase-1) (Machine Readable Project, Phase-1) of Passport Directorate have appealed to the President Asif Ali Zardari and the Prime Minister Raja that an early order be issued so that their withheld salaries for the past four months may be released forthwith.

In a statement, the employees complained that they are suffering from deep mental agony due to the non-payment of their salaries for the last four months. Due to this they could not celebrate Eid ul Fitr festival  and now the happiness of Eid-ul-Azha are also shadowing down. They have demanded that a strict action may be taken against the responsible officials. They have contended that where as the salaries of MRP-Phase 11 employees have been release it is very atoning that they deprived of the same.

They have also complained that the officials of phase -1 posted at the Directorate are deliberately trying to deny and deprived them their genuine rights and privileges, while they are playing the front role in the earrings of the directorate and are doing their best to boost it. 

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They have said the treatment being meted with them is highly condemnable and unfortunate. Besides no attention is being paid to ameliorate their greenness’s a privileged class of the directorate is depriving them from their rights and privileges

It is pertinent to mention here that the Interior Ministry through an official memorandum have informed the Directorate that in response to its letter the finance division has approved the conversion of 209posts of  MRP/MRV Project (Phase-1) from Development to Non -Development Budget  forthwith. It was to be implemented from 1st July 2012, and it was  advised  to arrange funds for the above-mentioned posts through prescribed budgetary mechanism and the posts  being converted to the current budget be filled in accordance with the prescribed procedure. The Directorate was also advised that further necessary action may please be taken in the matter under to this Ministry