SWABI - Jamaat-i-Islami central chief Sirajul Haq here on Saturday said that the JI wanted accountability of all corrupt leaders before the general elections 2018.

The JI leader further said that his party would continue its fight against corrupt leaders’ and practices with a complete vigour and determination till the eradication of this menace which had devoured all the vitals of the society. He was addressing a public meeting in the ground of Government High School.

The JI chief said that the country had faced economic decline while getting barrow money and the graph of debt has been increasing and the reason was that our leadership has adopted the British system and ignored the Islamic system which is the only panacea for all our ills.

He said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leaders made a shameful amendment for re-electing the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif as president of the party, adding that the decision was against democratic norms and principles.

“This was against the aspiration of the people and against the apex court verdict in the Panama case. The PML-N leaders committed a blunder. How a corrupt leader could be re-elected president of the party,” he said.

The JI chief said that when distinguished leaders of the ruling political parties concentrate on the accumulation of wealth and give importance to their own interest on state vital interest how they could work for the people welfare and how the country could achieve its objective of economic progress.

The corrupt practices need a complete eradication and leaders who indulged in corruption should face the law of the land.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had been ousted but there was a need for more action, he said. “The names of 436 other leaders were also included in the Panama Leaks and they all should be brought to justice,” he demanded.

Now the corrupt politicians and their cronies wanted to devise a plan to amend the Articles 62 and 63 because despite the high claims of pious people they could not fulfil its conditions.

The JI leadership struggling and wanted the implementation of the two articles of the constitution in letter and spirit, he remarked.

He said that in the last 70 years different rulers had ruled the country but they utterly failed to deliver.

The JI chief alleged that Pakistan leadership had looked to American leadership nod in all affairs and Washington had used them as a tool to achieve their global agenda.

He said, “We want this practice should be stopped.” If the country leadership failed to change their tactics then the situation will move towards a revolution.

JI provincial chief Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, while highlighting on other Muslim countries’ issues, said Afghanistan has been in turmoil for the last three decades, Syria is in a state of war for five years, slaughtering of Iraqi people have not been stopped, Yemen is burning and genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma is continued. Over 500,000 Muslims from Burma had already been reached Bangladesh, he said, adding that the Rohingya Muslims have set their camp in the very difficult region and the reports said that there was a grave threat of health disaster, he said.

He expressed deep concern that so far none of the Muslim rulers have visited Rohingya camps to offer his support to them.

The JI leader urged the government to strongly protest the ongoing genocide of Rohingya Muslims on the international level, cut off diplomatic ties with Myanmar and expel its diplomats from Islamabad.

He deplored a complete silence of international media and international watchdog over the brutal killing of Muslims in Myanmar.