ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Saturday claimed that Sindh is suffering from injustice and lawlessness more than any other province.

In a video message, Imran Khan said that people living in Sindh need revolution the most for which important points will be shared with them during Sehwan Sharif rally that is due on October 22. He said that money of Sindh people was looted and laundered.

Imran Khan continued that oppression is affecting small farmers as they are not being given water for their crops. He further invited people to join his rally in Sehwan for bringing change in Sindh.

The PTI chief said he would roll out a plan for how to pull out the province from this quagmire and how the party will develop it and tackle its issues like poverty and unemployment.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Peoples Party’s central leader Saeed Ghani reacting to Imran Niazi’s video message with regard to his visit of Sehwan Sharif has said that the people of area are well aware of the real face of Imran/Taliban Niazi.

Saeed Ghani said that before visiting Sehwan Sharif, Imran Niazi should clear himself from the courts of corruption charges and bring changes in his character. Niazi’s and his father’s corruption stories are known by every citizen of Pakistan and they don’t believe in his gibberish.

“It is ironic that on one hand Imran Niazi claims to be fighting against corruption and on the other hand, all corrupt elements are with him. Niazi should not expect others to remain decent if he continues to use foul language against PPP leadership,” Saeed Ghani concluded.