KARACHI  - Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) has convened the meeting of Grand Democratic Alliance today (October 22) in order to speed up the movement against the Sindh government over its bad governance, corruption and lawlessness. 

In a statement issued here on Saturday, PML-F General Secretary Sardar Raheem said that the October 22 meeting of the alliance would devise future strategy against the Sindh government. “Important decisions will also be taken at the alliance’s November 26 public gathering to be held in Sukkur,” he said, and added it would then change the political scenario of the province.  

He said that people of the province wanted to get rid of these rulers as corruption was rife in the province and situation in education, health, road infrastructure and other sectors was also very bad. “Unemployment is increasing in the province day by day and non-qualified people are being appointed on key posts after the payment of hefty bribes while those who deserve these jobs are left with no choices,” he said, and added, “The government is doing nothing to curb corruption in the departments and instead the higher judiciary is taking notices and ordering the removal of corrupt officers from their posts.” 

 “Not only the bureaucracy, members in the cabinet and Sindh Assembly are also facing cases in NAB,” he said, and asked that how could the postings of those who had made plea bargain with NAB be justified?