Islamabad - A substantial broken portion of Islamabad Expressway, one of the busiest traffic arteries in the capital requires prompt attention of the city mandarins whose continuous negligence has led to its deteriorating condition and is scuttling the smooth traffic flow while testing the nerves of the commuters.  The two-lane highway on each side of the road from the Korang Nullah bridge entrance up to Rawat roughly measuring 8kms has developed cracks and this wear and tear in the road at various points has turned the huge stretch of road bumpy and accident-prone.

The regular motorists shuttling on this road have to negotiate through a maze of unexpected road surfaces. The situation gets worse as the heavy vehicles occupying the narrow two lanes on each side keep on moving at a snail’s pace; that too in a haphazard manner without caring a fig for the traffic laws. 

The vagaries of weather have almost exposed the surface, especially after crossing the Korang Nullah Bridge up to the naval anchorage society.

“Crossing this rutted stretch of road really tests a drivers patience and his driving skills”, Manzoor Bhatti, a bank official in PWD colony commented on Sunday.

Farooq Naeem, a daily commuter and resident of a private society, pointed out that in the past, cracked surface or potholes were filled or repaired by the concerned department, but now after years of neglect, the situation turned out as lamentable.

A number of residents, whose costly vehicles were damaged on this patch, were at a loss to discover the apathetic attitude by the Capital Development Authority which always cited paucity of funds required for the repair of the highway.

“On a daily basis, the heavy loaded damaged trucks can be seen occupying the fast lane, after ramming into rough and sharp surfaces and thus hampering the traffic stream for long atrocious hours”, Shafi Khattak commented.

The residents of private societies and commuters expressed hope that the new government at the helms of affairs will pay prompt attention to this lingering issue by directing the concerned departments for early rehabilitation of the road.