KARACHI    -   Deputy Director Local Government of Malir District asked his high-ups to take departmental action against Secretary UC 22 for issuing forged divorce certificate that was later used to seek asylum in the United States of America.

The Deputy Director took action on a complaint filed by one Sarwar Ali who approached the department when he came to know that a divorce certificate was issued in his name in favour of his wife by UC 22 Gulshan-e-Hadeed despite the fact that he never applied for the same.

The Secretary UC 22, Gulshan-e-Hadeed issued a forged divorce certificate in the absence of both divorcer and the divorcee by allegedly taking bribe of Rs 25,000 from the complainant’s in-laws in March 2019.

Talking to The Nation, Ali said that he had travelled to the US in June 2017 along with his wife Sheeba Sarwar and three children. “Later, I had returned to Pakistan whereas my family overstayed there as my in-laws promised to acquire legal immigration for my wife and children. But during my recent visit to the US, I was shocked to know that my family was granted asylum instead of proper and legal immigration process as promised by my in-laws,” he added.

Ali said that his wife Sheeba disclosed that they were residing in the US on ayslim on the basis of forged documents including divorce certificate processed by her brother in Pakistan. “Neither me nor my wife were present in Karachi when the divorce certificate was processed,” he added.

Ali launched a complaint to the Regional Director Local Government Karachi who directed the Deputy Director Malir to conduct enquiry and take action against officials, if found guilty. Deputy Director Malir Nasrullah Sarki initiated an enquiry on 6th August this year which was concluded on August 23. The enquiry confirmed that the certificate was issued by Secretary UC 22 without following due procedure.


 “It has been observed that at the time issuance of Talaq certificate you had not followed the formal procedure and also no publication was given in any newspaper which is clear violation of Section 7 of Family Laws Ordinance, 1961,” Sarki found in his enquiry.

He asked the Secretary Local Government and Regional Director Karachi to take immediate necessary action against the offcial who issued the forged certificate and also ordered to revoke the same forthwith.