LAHORE    -   Former federal minister and National Kashmir Alliance patron Muhammad Ali Durrani has demanded creation of a trained peace force consisting of 220 million Pakistanis to support the armed forces in case of need, and said that every Pakistani should be given compulsory military training.

He was addressing a seminar in connection with the World Peace Day under the aegis of the National Kashmir Alliance at WISE College on Saturday. He demanded that the peace force of Pakistanis should be deployed in Indian held Kashmir under the aegis of a UN peacekeeping mission to stop Indian army’s genocide of Kashmiri Muslims. He noted that many civilised countries impart compulsory military training to their civilians. He warned that India is waging a war against the humanity, and asked Delhi to keep in mind that no nukes could win the war against humanity. He said Delhi should remember that neighbouring countries could not use nukes against each other.

He announced that year 2020 will be the World Kashmir Year. He said the Pakistani nation will make the year 2020 a year of an end to Indian state terrorism, atrocities and brutalities in held Kashmir. He said that 2020 will be the year of Kashmir’s freedom from Indian occupation.

Durrani said that Delhi has turned Indian held Kashmir into a flashpoint of gross violations of human rights and genocide of unarmed civilians. He tabled a resolution in front of noted academicians, intellectuals, politicians, social workers and students that demanded that year 2020 should be declared as ‘World Kashmir Year’. The resolution was unanimously adopted by the gathering.

The resolution also vowed that entire Pakistani nation and all peace loving and humanity loving people and organizations of the world will wage a joint struggle to stop Indian army’s genocide of innocent Kashmiri civilians and violations of their human rights. On this occasion, parents of Lieutenant Fahad Raza Shaheed were present. They shared glimpses of life of their martyred son. There were tears in the eyes of every participant.

Renowned broadcaster Naeem Tahir addressing the seminar endorsed the resolution and suggested that a suggestion to the President AJK should be added in the resolution whereby compulsory military training for the citizens of Azad Kashmir should be mandated. He added that United Nations should depute peace force in IoK where blatant human rights violations are being committed and siege of Kashmiris is continuing for 47 days now.

Dr. Amjad Pervaiz, famous singer of yesteryears and educationalist, presented a national song. Famous civil rights worker Abdullah Malik stressed that this day cannot be celebrated as a Peace Day unless there is no peace in Kashmir. This all the nations in the world need to strive for the end of atrocities in IoK by Indian Army. Writer and producer Nasir Adeeb while addressing the seminar said that Modi government should know the final victory will be of resolve and not of arms. Dr. Tahir Mehmood of National Kashmir Alliance said that Kashmiris have always sacrificed. Now it is the turn of government and people of Pakistan to show solidarity with Kashmiris in these difficult times by coming into action.

Mrs Hamida Tariq, of Wise College in thanked the participants and resolved that Pakistan is standing with Kashmiris till the freedom of Kashmir and till destruction of Indian. She informed that so far thousands of people have been enlisted as Kashmir Human Rights Voluteers and hoped that every Pakistani will eventually be a part of it.

At the end parents of Shaheed Lt. Raza administered the oath of the newly enlisted volunteers.