KARACHI   -   Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar candidly said that the growing number of stray dogs in the city were out of the control of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

Speaking at an event in Karachi, he pointed out that it was under the authority of District Municipal Corporation (DMC) to act against the increase in the population of stray dogs.

Akhtar said the system was flawed, and issues could not be resolved until it was set right. Karachi was an important city,” Islamabad should give it a special stature,” he added.

The mayor accepted that everyone committed mistakes, “now it was the time to move forward after fixing our blunders.”

The Sindh government on Thursday announced to start a campaign for the elimination of stray dogs across the province. “All District, Union Councils, Metropolitan Corporations should immediately launch a campaign to cull stray dogs,” said a notification released by Sindh Local Government Department.

It was reported in June that cases of dog bites in Sindh, including Karachi, have risen to an alarming rate with 70,000 people affected over the last five months.

As per the report issued by the director-general health of Sindh, 70,000 cases were reported from across Sindh, with 320 from Karachi. District Malir recorded the highest number of cases of dog bite.

In Larkana division, the number of cases of dog bite topped the list. From January to May 2019, 22, 822 cases were surfaced from Larkana.

As many as 21, 099 cases were reported from Hyderabad division, 12, 175 from Benazirabad division, 6, 774 from Mirpur Khas division, while 6, 263 cases of dog bite were recorded from Sukkur division.