ISLAMABAD     -      Senate Standing Committee on Interior Chairman Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that Pakistan should play the role of a mediator to defuse tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. In series of tweets on Saturday, he said that the present tense situation between Saudi Arabia and Iran was pushing the Middle East towards war, “I have been advocating that Pakistan should play the role of a mediator between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” the Senator asserted. In another tweet, Malik that Pakistan should come forward and mediate between USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran to save peace in the Middle East. “Let PM Imran Khan offer to US President Donald Trump, Pakistan to mediate between US, Saudi Arabia and Iran while appreciating his offer to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir.”  He hoped this offer of mediation from Pakistan would be appreciated by both Saudi Arabia and Iran.  He said that tensions between India and Pakistan as well as between Saudi Arabia and Iran were emerging as highly dangerous for peace in South Asia and Middle East, respectively, and the world must come forward to calm down these rising tempers.  “We should give peace a chance and should not allow both the regions to turn into war zones,” he added. Malik reminded that timely and right initiatives helped tackle worst situations. “I strongly believe that this initiative at present is with US President Donald Trump who can play lead role to get the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and India in the White House over tea and play role of elder brother.”