LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said Pak-US relationship will not be affected by $46billion Chinese investment package.

Talking to the media Wednesday, the chief minister said America realised the need for a stable and economically strong Pakistan for countering terrorism and peace in the region.

In reply to a question about Indian concerns over the Chinese economic package, the chief minister asked India to show patience and get ready for competition. “Pakistan didn’t react this way to the Chinese president’s visit to India.”

Shahbaz also dispelled the impression of discrimination, saying that the package was for the 180 million people of Pakistan. “In energy sector, the volume of investment in Punjab was $4.5billion while $9billion for Sindh.”

Terming the Chinese investment historic, Shahbaz said: “This is a rare occasion that comes to the life of a nation to change its destiny. Nawaz Sharif made impregnable national defence by nuclear test in 1998, and now through the Chinese investment, he is going to make matchless national economy.”

He said the quantum of $46billion Chinese investment only in one country is unprecedented in the history of that country. China could have done this huge investment in any other country but it chose Pakistan to see it becoming Asian economic tiger. “Now the ball is in our court. We will have to avail this opportunity.”

He said the prime minister would personally monitor the implementation of package. Shahbaz said that civil and military leadership was one on Chinese investment package and have expressed the resolve to provide complete security to Chinese workers.

He said the investment is not stringed with any conditions and interests but speaks for friendship of two countries. Pakistan has assured the Chinese authorities that it will not leave any stone unturned to materialise the projects.

The CM also cited financial cooperation and investment carried out by Saudi Arabia and UAE. The CM said energy projects will be surely completed by 2017-18. Also, Afghan President’s rep Syed Salman Sadad called on Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and discussed matters of mutual interests with him.