LAHORE - In recent years, Pakistani dramas are highlighting important issues that are considered a stereotype in our society, and Baydardi is following the lead by creating awareness about HIV/AIDS, a disease which is discussed behind closed rooms, and the affected people are treated as complete outcasts in our society. It is essential to remove the stigma attached to this disease, and talk about it more openly in order to create awareness, and save many lives.

The main protagonists of the show are Bia [Aiman Khan] and Shafay [AffanWaheed]. On one hand, Bia is living a happy life with her loving sister, Rabia [Alizeh Rasool], brother Nasir [Kashif Mehmood] and sister-in-law, Tabinda [Sana Fakhar]. On the other hand, Shafay is shown as a good friend of Rohail, [Arsalan Faisal] his roommate at the hostel where he is studying. Rohail is the only bad influence in Shafay’s life as he is shown as a complete characterless guy.

Rabia is in love with Rohail while Rohail is simply playing with her feelings. This is how the fate of both the protagonists are linked, as Rohail’s betrayal eventually leads to Rabia’s suicide. Bia considers both Rohail, and his friend Shafay as the culprits behind her sister’s death. When Shafay gets to know that Rohail’s cheap game led to Rabia losing her life, he breaks his friendship with him.

Rabia’s death leads to an intense confrontation between Rohail and Bia which can be considered one of the most powerful scenes in the show so far, and gave us serious goose-bumps. After her sister’s death, Bia is faced with one problem after the other as her brother gets involved in a serious accident, and the entire responsibility of the household falls on Bia’s innocent shoulders.

The first four episodes of the show have been pretty fast-paced with a lot of unexpected twist and turns that kept the audiences glued throughout. The concept of the show is being well-received by the audiences, and the build-up towards the actual story that has been well conceived by the writer, Shagufta Bhatti, and executed by the director, Ahmed Bhatti.

It will be interesting to see how Bia faces all the challenges in the upcoming episodes. With a twist of fate, she ends up in Shafay’s office and despite her hate for Shafay, she has to accept the offer because her family is in dire need of financial help with her brother’s current state. The audiences are now waiting to see how Bia and Shafay’s track will progress. How Biawill get to know that Shafay had nothing to do with her sister’s death, and truly wants to help her and be her support system in these hard times.