Shehbaz changed Punjab with hard work: Raheela

Balochistan Assembly Speaker Raheela Durrani called on PML-N President and Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif here on Sunday.  PML-N's development programmes and political matters were discussed in the meeting.  Talking to Durrani, the chief minister said, “Pakistan belongs to all of us and we have to adorn it together.” He said that Pakistan will be prosperous only when all of its units will be developed. He said, “We have to work together for development of the country.” He said the Punjab government had incorporated all units, including Balochistan in its programmes in order to promote national integrity. He said the PML-N government has worked day and night to pull the country out of crises and it was due to the sincere struggle of the government that Pakistan is on the track of development today. He vowed, “We will not left any stone unturned in the effort to make our country better and the best.”  Speaking on the occasion, Durrani said Shehbaz had changed Punjab with his hard work. Unmatched development in Punjab is a reflection of his vision, she said.–Staff Reporter


Minhaj women attend session at UN

A women’s delegation of Minhaj-ul-Quran International participated in a session organised by the United Nations Commission on Status of Women at the UN Headquarters in New York.  The MQI has special consultative status at the UN since 2011 therefore it is regularly invited to UN meetings and conferences around the world, including North America and Europe. MQI North America representatives Safyah A. Malik, member of the Social Media Coordination Council of MQI as well as President of MYL Sisters in Canada, and Aisha Ahmed, executive member of MYL Sisters Canada, attended session on behalf of Minhaj-ul-Quran International. The opening ceremony of the session was held at the UN General Assembly Hall.  During briefing, Executive Director of UN Women and Under-Secretary-General Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka directed all participating NGOs to present notes regarding their field of work. Topic of discussion was “How the UN can help women who are abused”.  Minhaj-ul-Quran was the only NGO in session that was representing Muslim women living in the West. The issue of young women who were oppressed and brainwashed to become “Jihadi Brides” was discussed; how terrorist organisations wrongfully used international policies to justify their views and influence vulnerable Muslims of West. The question was posed on how the UN was working to improve those policies that promote violence and adversely affect women and children. Safyah told about MQI’s ongoing work, both in the West and the Muslim world, that is aimed at providing solid evidences of nefarious role of terrorist organizations, and the importance of counter-narrative of terrorist ideology. –Staff Reporter


Piracha snubs Fawad

Jamaat-e-Islami deputy chief Farid Ahmad Piracha has advised PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry to examine the position of his own party on the issue of horse trading instead of criticising JI chief Sirjaul Haq. In a rejoinder to the PTI leader, Piracha said that so far it was unclear whom Chaudhry was representing because in the past, he (Fawad) had been representing Pervez Musharraf, PML-Q, PPP and even MQM. He said the man who had been changing parties so frequently should not have the moral courage to criticise the JI chief.  Piracha further said that if the PTI had voted for Sirajul Haq in the previous Senate election, the JI assembly members had voted for PTI candidates three times more and it was also due to JI’s support that the PTI government could complete its five-year term. He said if the JI had not supported the PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the PTI government in the province would not have last for a couple of months.  Piracha said that if someone had been hurt by Sirajul Haq’s plain speaking, he should clarify his own position. He said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had himself stated that 20 MPAs of his party had sold their votes in the Senate election. On the other hand, he said, nobody could point a finger at any of the JI assembly members.–Staff Reporter


Family robbed on road in broad daylight

Four robbers robbed a car-riding family at gunpoint of cash, gold ornaments and mobile phones on Walton Road on Sunday.  Police sources said that four gunmen stopped the family’s car on a busy road and held the women at gunpoint. They collected cash, gold ornaments and mobile phones worth Rs400,000 and fled instantly on their motorcycles.  The victims were said to be family members of PTI leader Ashraf Sohna. They were going to a university to attend a festival when the incident took place on the road in broad daylight. The police reached the spot when the robbers had escaped. Further investigation is under way. –Staff Reporte


Shop owner electrocuted

A 30-year-old businessman was electrocuted at a food outlet near a housing society in Kahna on Sunday evening.  Rescue workers said Zubair was working at his pizza shop when he received severe electric shocks. As a result, he died on the spot. The police were investigating the death. –Staff Reporte