LAHORE - PML-N Senator Lt Gen (r) Abdul Qayyum has said that judiciary and media are working independently in Pakistan. Talking to Nawa-i-Waqt on Sunday, Senate Committee on Defence Production chairman Lt Gen (r) Abdul Qayyum stressed that elections should be held in a free and fair manner and on time to avoid acrimony among people and to ensure political stability in the country. He said every institution including Army and judiciary should work within their limits prescribed by the Constitution.

He said that when Pakistan came into being, the country got a share of few industries. He said that all 16 defence production factories were given to India. Similarly, India got 85 textile mills, while Pakistan received only 10. Pakistan got no paper mills; not even a match factory. People faced every challenge in these circumstances, and country made progress.

Unfortunately, he said, we ignored technical education. Army, politicians and people all are responsible for the wrong decisions which were made after creation of Pakistan. But thankfully, we are alive today despite all difficulties and challenges, he held.  

“We have controlled 70 percent of terrorism in Pakistan, while the US has failed to curb terrorism in Afghanistan over the last 17 years,” the senator maintained. The senator said that transparent and indiscriminate accountability of all should be held. He said that there were 400 people who were named in Panama Papers. He claimed that a political figure of KP owns 36 offshore companies should be held accountable.

He said that judiciary should appoint NAB chairman. He said that it was not necessary for everyone to agree with what judiciary is doing now days. They are trying to make decisions in haste but every decision should be made in total honest. Every individual should be dispensed justice, he added.

He said development funds should be spent through local government representatives. He said that he will remain member of Senate until 2021, but he can also contest election for the national assembly seat if the party asks him to do so.