islamabad - Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz has vowed to initiate new development projects in the capital after the release of funds by the federal government. Addressing the participants of an event ‘COSMONITE’ organized by Rotary Club of Islamabad, he said that first time in the history of federal capital, a local body system was introduced and the responsibility of gigantic task of development of the city was assigned to the elected representatives of local government. But due to limited financial resources, it was a great challenge for the elected representatives to transform the federal capital into a model city. He however said that federal government has approved funds for MCI to launch development projects in the city. He said that to combat multiple challenges, the local govt required support from all segments of the society.  He invited national and multinational companies to come forward and take part in beautification of the city under their corporate social responsibilities. He said that MCI has already started beautification of different parks, play grounds, roundabouts and green belts with the help of private sector. He also appreciated the efforts of Rotary Club for initiating projects in Pakistan to address the issues of underprivileged and deprived segments of the society adding that all projects of Rotary Club were contributing to improve the lives of less-privileged class across the country and hoped that the Club will continue its welfare activities to serve poor segments of the society generally in Pakistan and particularly in Islamabad.

Sheikh Anser Aziz also commended Rotary Club for conferring gold medals to Pakistanis for their outstanding performance in different fields of life. This year, Rotary club conferred gold medal to eminent scientist and former Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, late Dr Ishfaq Ahmed whose contribution towards building Pakistan nuclear programme and making Pakistan a nuclear power was exceptional. He also congratulated Rotarians including past and present presidents, District Governors and other members of the Club for their tireless efforts in execution of different projects in year 2017-18.