SIALKOT - Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has asserted that revolutionary economic policies introduced by the government had injected fresh blood into the sick national economy.

"The PML-N revived the sick economy and put the country on the path to development and prosperity," the interior minister stated while addressing PML-N party workers in Narowal here on Sunday. Ahsan Iqbal claimed that Panama leaks drama hampered national development set in motion by the government after coming to power. He said that the PML-N does not believe in the politics of confrontation, adding that jolts of martial laws had weakened administrative system in the country.

The interior minister emphasised that all and sundry, especially politicians should realise national responsibilities and must think positively for national development and prosperity. "We should face the challenges by utilising our best capabilities to lead Pakistan stand in the line of developed nations," he underlined.

Meanwhile, addressing a meeting of local lawyers held at Narowal District Bar Association (DBA), Ahsan Iqbal said that the prevailing political unrest in the country is weakening national economy and creating hurdles in the way of foreign investment.

He stressed the need for the promotion of the positive thoughts among politicians instead of keeping focus on negative-styled politics.

Ahsan Iqbal said that enemies of Pakistan are united and hatching e international conspiracies to destabilize the grand mega project of CPEC, saying that both India and Afghanistan still remain unable to digest the grand CPEC project and are considering every moment to flop this project. He said that the India had sent its Indian Navy official Kulbhushan Yadev as a spy into Pakistan to destabilize CPEC project.

The interior minister urged the politicians, judges, media and all stakeholders to be united by shunning all political differences in the larger national interest to thwart conspiracies against CPEC and Pakistan.

He said that the 2018 general elections would decide the political fate of the nation and its political future. He expressed grave concern over the political flaws in the political system.

He said that it is not by chance but it remained a political patron in Pakistan to destabilize the elected governments. He said that all the main stream political parties should find out the flaws in the prevailing political system to allow the elected prime ministers to complete their constitutional tenures in future, which lead the country towards political and economical stability.

The interior minister said that the future of Pakistan is linked to democracy and its promotion is a national obligation to strengthen the country.