Dr n a azmi

islamabad - The month of Ramadan is just around the corner. Keeping that in view, preparation for the month is important.

Preparing for Ramadan has various aspects: physical, mental, and emotional and of course spiritual. In this article, we will be discussing the physical preparation part. We all know if we have to run a mini marathon, we have to prepare ahead and take small steps to become as physically fit before the big day arrives. Same is for Ramadan. If we have more energy to start, there will be fewer chances of mood swings.

Here is how we can prepare for the holy month.

1: Eat well

Eating well means taking proper and healthy meals without stuffing ourselves. We should make sure the food we are taking has all the required amount of essential nutrients. It should have not only proteins, carbohydrates and fats but also should have all the vibrant colours of greens, reds and whites of the vegetables not only to get all the nutrition but also to make it pleasant and attractive to the eyes and more palatable.

2: Take meals at an earlier time to settle in the routine of Ramadan easily.

Replacing the heavy lunch by a platter of fruits and vegetables and or soup is also a good idea for our stomachs to get used to the intervals between food and curb the cravings of food at lunch time during  Ramadan.

3: Stay hydrated

Our bodies are made up of approximately 57percent of water but we also know that we need water for our body to function properly and efficiently and keep our skin fresh and glowing.

It is often not easy to drink the required 2-3 litres of plain water so adding one or two economical and easily available ingredients to water makes it more delicious.

Instead of buying expensive detox water it is better to make our own by adding sliced lemon, cucumber and mint or other fruits to water.

4: Exercise

We have to make time for ourselves and exercise. We don’t have to go to gym or buy expensive machines to get the toned body we long for. Walking is the best exercise. It makes all your muscles move but gives you plenty of oxygen.

The greenery not only soothes our eyes but also improves our vision.

Walk is a good mood booster. It clears the mind and makes us more emotionally stable and ready to face the day to day challenges of life.

If finding time for long walks in our busy routine is not possible, we can go for short walks twice or thrice during the day.

5: Sleeping early

The use of television and various gadgets has eliminated the difference between day and night. We watch TV late and use our mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets in the bed

When we decide to sleep, we toss and turn in bed for minutes, even hours at time before we finally get the luxury of sleep. Even then the flickering lights of these gadgets don’t let us have a peaceful, un-interrupted sleep. Therefore, we have to re train our body clock. Going to bed at least half an hour earlier every day and turning our body in sleep mode in advance is recommended.

6: Spring cleaning

Getting all the nooks and corners of the house cleaned a fortnight before the start of Ramadan will ease the burden and save time.

Cleaning our wardrobe and getting rid of all unnecessary things is important.

Having wearable clothes in an organised wardrobe and not having to rummage through stacks and hangers will give us a peace of mind and also save time

7: Eid shopping

Instead of going for the shopping and to the tailor during Ramadan it is far more convenient and practical to do all that now and hang stitched and ironed clothes in the wardrobe.

–The writer is a freelance contributor.

7: Ramadan Grocery shopping

Making a thorough list and getting all the grocery before Ramadan will save us the unnecessary trips to the super market. Only fruits can be bought on a weekly basis.