KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) fraction led by Dr Farooq Sattar Sunday staged a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against the current water shortage and power crisis in Karachi.

The demo was held with the title “I want my basic rights” was attended by MQM-P PIB Colony leaders, workers and supporters. The participants of protest were carrying placards and banners and also raised slogans against KE and KW&SB administration. They also criticised the federal and provincial ruling governments over their negligence towards providing basic facilities to citizens.

Addressing the participants, MQM-P PIB Colony Convener Dr Farooq Sattar said that since long the people of the Karachi has been forced to live in depressed atmosphere but party would not tolerate such attitude of the rulers. Provincial rulers were not interested in resolving the issues of Karachiites nor had the federal government taken notices of the issues. The injustice would not be accepted any more.

“I am giving 72-hour ultimatum to the Sindh and federal governments to resolve power outages issue of Karachi, after the dead line the party protest would enter the red zone and sit-in would be staged outside Chief Minister House,” warned Sattar.

He said that people were protesting against the water shortage and power crisis in Karachi. Party leadership has earlier suggested empowering local government as it is only way to address the municipal and other issues of citizen but the ruling government having no interest in the affairs of metropolis pushed Karachi into a disaster like situation.

“Enough is enough, the citizens will not going to tolerate the negligence any further. Government should now should take issue serious and resolve the dispute between KE and SSGC at earliest or else after passage of 72 hours our protest would be held outside CM house and KE headquarter,” said Sattar.

Sattar said that KE is the only power company in Karachi and looting the citizen with both hands. KE has doubled its profits to rupees 70 billion in year 2016-17 and despite of this profit KE has failed to halt uninterrupted power supply. He said that people were paying huge amount in their electricity bills were put in suffering by KE due to prolonged load shedding in hot weather.

On the occasion, Sattar also invited other political forces of the city to join MQM-P protest drive being initiated to get the basic rights of the citizen. He also asked Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui to join party protest saying that I am on the road along with the citizen to resolve the issues those were pending since long.

Sattar said that since decades the population of the Karachi is increasing while the government has failed carry out any planning for the fair distribution of water and power in city. He said that city that pays most taxes in the country was left without any care and silence of ruling government over the miserable situation of port city confirms its enmity with people of Karachi. Drawing attention towards the water shortage in city, he said that I don’t think that the K-IV project would be completed even by 2019 as the incompetent people were handling this project. He said that authority that is responsible for the fair distribution of water in the city was not capable control its operation at supply valves and pumping stations. The entire city is dried up and for last three month District West has not receiving water, he added.