OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE A 20-year-old beautician along with her mother were found murdered at their residential apartment here in Liaquatabad area in the wee hours of Monday, police said. The investigators suspect that a fruit-vendor killed the beautician, later identified as Iram Bibi, and her mother in a cold blood. Police investigators said that a woman in her late 40s along with her young daughter were lying dead with multiple injuries inside their apartment (750-B Dhalay flats) as they broke open the door and entered the residential quarter. The killer (s) also strangled Shahnaz Bibi, mother of the beautician, because she was the sole eyewitness. Ayesha Bibi, the elder daughter of the deceased, along with her husband rushed to the apartment to see her mother and sister as they were not picking up the cellular phones while she was making repeated attempts. Mother of four, Shahnaz, was residing along with her daughter, the beautician, in the rented apartment since her other three daughters were married. Ayesha called in the police after she found the house locked from outside. Their mobile phones were not switched off. She (Ayesha) heard the ring-tones from outside the house and contacted the police for help, a police official said. Blood was trickling down from the nose and mouth of the deceased ones, police said, adding they were strangled and stabbed one-by-one. Evidences collected from the crime scene suggest that two people committed the killings and fled away after locking the man door from outside, police investigators said. The police have also taken cellular phones of the deceased women into custody to establish evidences against the killers. Ayesha Bibi told the police that her mother Shahnaz and sister Iram were killed by one Rashid who used to visit their residential apartment frequently. She said that the killer had developed relations with her sister and wanted to contract marriage with her. Iram was not willing to tie her knot with Rashid. Therefore, he committed the killings in revenge, a police officer quoted Ayesha as having told the investigators. The police have removed the bodies to the morgue for autopsy. The police have registered a case against the killers.