Cheryl Cole wanted to become a big sister to Britney Spears. The 'Fight For this Love singer thought she could help Britney who suffered a public meltdown, culminating with her shaving her head in 2007 become normal again, according to her ex-minder Craig Balkam. A friend told how Craig had said: She used to talk about Britney Spears. She kept saying she wanted to help Britney - that she thought she could become like a big sister to her and make her normal again after all her crazy behaviour. Cheryl, 28, was not as big a fan of eccentric star Lady Gaga, however, because of her provocative stage antics. The source added to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: She had a thing about Lady Gaga too. She loves Lady Gagas music but disapproved of her stage show. Shes quite shy and not that comfortable with overly bold behaviour. Shes very proper and ladylike. Cheryls had attempted to establish herself as a star in the US, but it backfired when she was sacked from the judging panel of talent show 'The X Factor after only four days of filming earlier this year. She has since returned to the UK, where she has kept a low profile and reportedly reunited with her ex-husband, Ashley Cole. Cheryl had confided in Craig that she had long felt like a prisoner and longed to turn her back on life in the public eye. The source added: Cheryl kept saying she wanted to get out of show business. She said she had enough of being a prisoner in her hotel room - that was a phrase she used a lot. She said wanted to be a normal person again. But at the same time she was very keen to crack it in America - as though she was torn between the two. EPS